SIM Capital provides growth capital for high-potential small-cap companies while actively partnering with owners and management to harness full value and enhance future valuation of their companies with active assistance in strategic/maket positioning, marketing/sales and operations

Our investments are targeted to companies with a viable business model and emerging/existing operations, and are seeking capital and management expertise to realize their full growth potential. SIM Capital's focus is on companies in specific
high-growth niches in business-to-business sectors such as technology, industrials, chemicals and materials, energy services, resource productivity and medical technologies/services. Some example areas are:

  • Clean Technology, Energy Efficiency Technology and Services
  • Materials Production and Distribution
  • Industrial Equipment Marketing and Sales
  • Resource Management and Productivity Equipment and Services
  • New Technologies in the Medical Sector

SIM Capital's Principals have deep expertise in business strategy/execution and enhancement based on technincal background and prior Partnership experience in top-tier management consulting. SIM Capital differs from other private funding sources in its business-expertise led approach to financing

  • We don't just evaluate companies:
    We help reposition and sharpen the company's market position and enhance its growth potential.  We help revamp a company's growth and execution plans
  • We don't just value the investment:
    We refine financial models with the company owners and management and create ways to enhance current and future valuations
  • We don't just negotiate the most advantageous deal:
    We structure a transaction that sets up the company to generate the highest value for both its owners and investors
  • We don't just do the deal:
    Post-funding, we dedicate significant effort to help execute and continously enhance growth plans with active assistance in marketing/sales, operations and building out management teams